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Misc. Info

A Blue Angles Pilot Needed Some Postcards Printed With His Jet And He Gave Paul
A Signed Photograph.

Paul Barnaby Jr. Served As A Consultant For The Chicago Perkins Institute Hosted By Northern Illinois University.

Barnaby Printing Always Enjoyed Giving Tours. One Of Our Favorites Was for Senior Citizens. They Loved Free Calendars And Memo Pads!

Paul Barnaby Jr. Held Many Computer and Internet Classes In Our Conference Room.


Barnaby Printing Was Selected To Print Calendars For Neil Diamond For 15 Years. Neil Sent Paul Barnaby Jr. 4 Tickets To His Concert In Moline, IL And He Signed His Calendar.

 A Favorite Sign We Liked To Hang At The Print Shop.

Paul Barnaby Sr. Retires In 1992 And Becomes
The Chairman Of The Board
With His Own Gavel.

Paul Barnaby Sr., Founder Of Barnaby Printing
April 5, 1927 - February 21, 2019
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