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Our Second Location at 114 W. State Street In The 60's

First typesetting was done with an IBM Selectric typewriter.
Fonts where changed by selecting a different type style ball.

First darkroom was a closet

Paul Barnaby Jr laying out a page using wax. An artwork process
called paste up.

Brice operating the AB Dick press

The largest press at the time was the
Heidelberg KORD single color press

Ground Breaking at 1620 DeKalb Ave. In The 70's
Dale Barnaby, Paul Barnaby Jr., Mayor Red Johnson, Paul Barnaby Sr., Steve Barnaby

Sycamore Chamber Ambassador visits our
newly remodeled showroom.

New building on 1620 DeKalb Ave - 1977

Our first van for making deliveries

Paul Barnaby Sr. new office - President

Betty Jean Barnaby new office -Accounting

Paul Barnaby Jr new office - Vice President

Dale Barnaby new sales office

First computerized typesetter

Sharon operating the camera

Newer updated darkroom

One Color Heidelberg KORD press

Jack operating the AB Dick press

Two Color Heidelberg SORK press

Gene Davis our full time Heidelberg letterpress operator

Sycamore Chamber Expo in the 70's

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